3,015 from a black&white world

i never have enough room or time on my hands 
some vintage rings, a metal leaf, & my own design - cross ring


It blog girls said...

the rings are beautiful

ROBINE said...

Great post! Love the second pic!


cat said...

hey thanks for the comment! your blog is rad too. im following! cool hat!
cat x

FashionGirl said...

Love your blog <3
follow you now !

Check out my blog :


Tigerlilly said...

wow, love your blog!
now following.

Nostalgic Senses said...

Lovely pictures!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Love from Seoul,
Nostalgic Senses

sbot said...

Amazing as always, love the drums!


stylecrasher said...

lovely pics!is that camera good?because I am looking for a good camera to buy :)

Maebell said...

wow! what a lovely blog! i love love love black and white photography! so wonderful and truly inspiring as is your blog in general! i'm so glad that i dropped by!


Taylor said...

Gorgeous photos, I love all of your rings and those lace thigh highs.

kristina said...

amazing photos

A, J and S said...

Wow l love your photos they are so cool! Totally looks like they are from an editorial!

A N G E L A said...

wow!!! love your blog!!!! :D



Olive Kay said...

I love the second shot. You really captured what inspires me so much about fashion! Can't really describe it... the best word I can think of is "cool."

Great blog!

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

cool shots!! so yummy!

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