vintage chanel trousers (1980's), creme tank

inspired a.naturel with the most beautiful lighting 5'


 (Frederike Helwig, littledoe, found&found)


It blog girls said...

great pics


i love posts that always involve rings haha and vintage photography. xoxo fabulous pictures!

Zipstar said...

wao, lov the photos, simple and natural!

thnx 4 ur comment on my blog.

I follow you, because i lov ur page!:)


Marta on cocogroove said...

Amazing pictures! Especially the back necklace and the skirt with the Chanel unique!

Nesha said...

I love the first photo with all the cool headpieces! I love anything pretty.


June's Very Own said...

All of the photos look so lovely! I am a big ring junkie and they look fab!

xo sarina

Wise Rabbit Says said...

LOVE these pictures ! so inspirational
i would love if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think :)

Sherrie Cola said...

Love the headpieces.

Vicki said...

OMG! AMAZING inspiration! Aaaaah love it! I'm following you, hope you follow back!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love the girl in the mask! xoxoxoo

Lynn said...

pretty, pretty images lades! thanks so much for visiting me and in reply to your Q. i use a sony cybershot but edit from there in photoshop usually. lovely blog! ♥

Marloes. said...

these photos are incredible!

valncami said...

wow beautiful images. im obsessed! your blog is great! maybe you would like to follow each other? let us know <3

hope to hear from you soon!
xo, camilla & valerie

A N G E L A said...

wow!! amazing inspiration!!!



sbot said...

Just beautiful.


Bex said...

Love all the jewellery!

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award little ladyy, check out my most recent post for details!

The Closet Digger said...

That 6th picture! With Chanel buttons is my new desktop background! Love it!!!
great post
Following, and hope you’ll like mine too

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