addicted to love

[gifted top - previously featured in black]
a collection of everything soft & far too many jewels


elizabeth s. said...

Very chic! Love the accessories with this outfit. That skirt is amazing.



diana kang said...

this is so so so so amazing!! loveeeeeeee xx

12FV, RFV said...

adding u to my blog roll. what say we do some shots on film? keep it really textured, casual and fun. i want to get into more projects as well.

jeff /

kayaretro said...

really inspired blog:) I will follow you, and if you want follow me back will be nice:))

Tigerlilly said...

you have such amazing clothes! im addicted to your blog, get excited everytime you post some new pictures. haha
very inspiring. x

Shoelosophy said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeoussss photos. I love your bustier i have been looking for one just like this! i wil follow you!! follow me if youd like!


It blog girls said...

wow these pictures are so beautiful

beneath the glass said...

gorgeous pieces! very sexy with a vintage feel to it. love how they're all nude colored too. great blog :)

Beneath the Glass

LizAnn said...

I love the vintage feel of this outfit! The lace is so dainty and pretty on you... and the oversized sweater is so cute with it! I couldn't have matched a better outfit... I'm definitely inspired :)

VPV Intern

Shilpi said...

ohhhhmyyygoood shootmenow

LOVE those shorts



naomi said...

this top is SO AMAZING. love the color, shape, everything.

Nicole Holm said...

Beautiful photographs! Thank you for your comment.

SAMANTHA said...

okay- i love this sweater and that lace skirt AND these photos are fantastic! thanks for visiting my blog i love yours! i would love if you wanted to follow eachother? :)


Angga said...

You look so cute!! loving that crochet skirt and bralet!! you look beautiful

Heart Charlie said...

Beautiful photos, I love everything, that cozy/slouchy sweater is the best!

J'Adore Fashion said...

so fresh and cute! love your skirt! where is it from?


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

You look gorgeous! wow!
Beautiful girl!

thanks for the comment <3


SABINNA and DAVID said...

amazing photos! u look just awesome!

xx, Sabinna and David

Chelsea Lane said...

you look like a zillion percent amazing, these photos should be in a magazine :)


divine bunny said...

LOVIN the lace!


Rich Girls. said...

everything soft and too many jewels is the perfect combination.
i love love love that skirt - it's the prettiest thing! x.

too young for fashion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MeganRose. said...

is scf a sponsor of yours? i officially want your closet. when you say you found me through scf, exactly where? i'm just curious. a comment i've made on fb maybe? i absolutely love them and i'm really loving how you style everything!


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