Although I never was inclined to post a celebratory "one year anniversary" for my blog, I do want to take the time to celebrate its duration on the internet & thank all of those who are either in front or behind the scenes and screens.
If you haven't already noticed, I love detailed shots & I think each of the aforementioned photographs truly capture the essence of my blog. "No matter who you are, what you do, what you love, how old or young you may look or be" dress up & always pay close attention to detail.

Thank you all for the growing support

& a special thanks to Sophie 
for your creative genius & eye behind the lens(es).


beryl said...

i never get sick of your blog, you have the best style. and i love all of the accessories in these photos


Bonnie Friday said...

Gorgeous photos, I'm glad I stumbled across your beautiful blog!


Style Servings said...

Your detail shots are always the best because you always have such lovely fabrics and jewellery! Love this post!

Kdotorg said...

I really love all of these detailed shots! Congrats on one year in the blogosphere :)

Veronica P. said...

excellent selection !

sonia de macedo said...

Cute post, loving the bohemian vibe about your blog! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


Sandra Leiva said...

Amazing jewelry! <3

Antonia-Ivana said...

awesome jewelry!!

Thank you for your comment.

little moon lover said...

congrats on the anniversary.. I've been blogging for a while too... and awesome shots.. I'm just about to start making a crochet dress for a friend so I'm finding these photos particularly inspiring.. love detail shots as well, especially when they portray lots and lots of jewelry..I've got a crush on rings!
..anyway..thanks for stopping by my blog, I actually made that lace dress in my profile photo... I'm a designer.. hope to hear from you again, I'll keep in touch, stay cool!

April Lyn said...

Great set of photos, really LOVE that one with the lace skirt and detail - totally a big hit since I pinned it on my interest. Love your blog, so adorable!

April Lyn

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

adore all the jewelry!!
xo TJ

lucia m said...


sara l said...

great jewelry ! such an inspiring blog, might even consider following ! ;)


love the web bracelet and the ring in the first pic.
where is it from?


fox hunter said...

oh my goodness, ur dresses are so amazing! love ur blog xxx

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