lover to lover

Free People Lace (black version). J Brand Boyfriend Trousers. Coat from Westerly, CDM. Louboutin. 

in the name of the most loved&hated holiday, 14th of february, I wanted to share with you a lovers-day look that is certain to put you in the spirit to celebrate.
. . . a dainty lace top thanks to Free People, my boyfriend trousers and the shaggiest coat I've ever encountered. If your questions range from: "is lover's day really considered a holiday?!" or "what should I wear to celebrate this year!?" check out this Free People video for some great inspiration! 

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Claire said...

I love this look so much! It's so romantic and sweet. I'm against Valentines Day, but I'm sure my views would be different if I had a boyfriend. :)

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