Last Look of 2013.

Vintage Chanel Lace | Club Monaco Pink Coat | Chloe Susanna Booties

Hello 2014. . . Goodbye 2013!

we began our year collaborating with some amazing brands
(thanks: Free People, Coronet Diamonds, SwimSpot, Fab Fit Fun, Ali Grace & Stone Cold Fox. . . to name just a few)

we traveled near (to the desert) & far (Miami & NYC), all in the name of fashion.

we were featured on a few of our favorite sartorial sites
(thanks Kim K, Teen Vogue, Planet Blue. . .)

& we ended our year with another TYFF team member
who captures our newest adventures on film.

cheers to the new year &
the upcoming projects that transformed our dreams into reality!


Sarah said...

Loveee this dress! Soso pretty

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

I just want to live in your beautiful shoes for one day. x Jazzy (

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