gwenyth's designs are truly on pointe.

This activewear company seamlessly
translates the sartorial beauty of classic and elegant ballet inspired uniforms
into modern day barrewear that serves movement inspired fitness
while maintaining an off-duty chic look.

The versatility of the Modern Classic Mocha Grey top allows Sophie to rush between
barre class, ballet, and even stop by to visit her favorite barista.
By the end of her daily routine, Sophie can ditch her tutu,
and pair this top with fabulous outerwear
& still look tres chic, apres-workout.

A special thank you to
gwenyth for raising the barre!
Function & style,
what more could a modern woman ask for?

gwenyth is generously offering our readers a 15% discount!
simply enter the code, TooYoungForFashion15
when checking out.



Susan's Transition said...


Susan's Transition said...
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Jaslynn Joan said...

In that last photo she looks like a real doll sitting on the floor.. Really awesome...
Jaslynn, Bizbilla

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